Coated Metal Rings Sliders Hooks for bra making

Name: Coated Metal Rings Sliders Hooks for bra making


Material: iron/zinc alloy


Coating: 100% French nylon powder


Size: 6mm-30mm


Color: white, black and DTM color


Certificate: Oeko-Tex Standard 100


Application: swimwear, bra, lingerie, camisole, under sweater-dress, low-back evening dress etc…


Features: Durability, powerful corrosion-proof, high temperature resistance, not easy to color fading, harmless for human skin. Nylon coated metal slider can dye any solid color to match different color fabrics and supplies. Good color-fastness.



Iron quality bra slider with low cost, good hardness but have magnetic, the most popular in the market.

Zinc alloy quality  bra slider with good hardness, can pass needle test but cost a little higher.