Plastic Boning for Corset, Underwear, Wedding Dress

Name: Plastic Boning

Color: white

Regular Size: 4.8mm*13mm, 4.8mm*1.6mm, 4.8mm *1.0mm


Plastic boning designed for flexible support.

Very flexible, not suitable for “waist training” corsets.

Durable and highly resistant to washing detergents and other fluids.

High flex in one direction only. Can’t be sewn into curved channels.

Machine or Hand washing.

No fear of rusting.

Pre-cut lengths or continuous 

Ideal for corset wedding dress, lingerie underwear, costuming or garments that require very light support.


Shape & support to corsets, bras, lingerie, costumes and other garments, as well as hats, handbags, plush toys and other accessories.